It was a productive day yesterday, getting the first of this new set of three songs more or less finished in first draft, and also most of the second.  Flitting back and forth between piano and computer keyboards, the first to check, the second to notate, it was like old times.

More today, I hope, while our trusty workman drills away downstairs to finish the installation of our new boiler.  By the standards of recent work this has been pleasantly, deliriously trouble free, although there is still time for him to find some lurking horror under the floorboards.

Fingers crossed this little disruption will be done by tomorrow lunchtime, though, and in any case I have been left more or less undisturbed to plough on with my own writing upstairs.  With my other major projects all ahead of the curve there is just that briefest of gaps in which to breathe and get the more pleasant things done.

I’ve been keeping an eye on the Daniel Blitz Clavichord Project over the past few days as well as the pieces get uploaded one by one.  Clearly I am most excited about hearing the performance of Winding Down, but I also love hearing what other people have come up with.

I was delighted to click on the page today to find that the latest work is a Miniature Prelude & Fugue by Francis Knights.  Francis was one of my tutors back in the dark ages when I was a student at Oxford, and it was a wonderful surprise to find his piece up there, to hear his take on a challenging brief (pun intended)…