We had friends over to dinner on Wednesday evening, which put a big hole through most of Thursday, but everyone involved had a fine time, and the kitchen looked miraculously clear in the morning, despite that and the installation of the new boiler.  Today I need to do a few things that just did not quite happen yesterday, and then I am pointing the car northwards.

Tomorrow I shall be in Yorkshire, accompanying for a concert by the wonderful choir Cantores Salicium, a slice of Bach here, a sliver of Monteverdi there, surrounded by some great musicians, including several from the next generation down.  To them I am part of the establishment, even if I find that hard to believe myself most days.

In the background the new set of songs progresses well, and there are some gentle cross references between them when certain words reappear in different poems.  This is something I initially tried in a sketched but incomplete work from a few years ago, and I like the way that these elements can sit there and only reveal themselves after a few listens.

That depth in writing, the subtlety of relationships between material, is always something I have striven to attain in my music, and part of it probably comes from the analytical side of me, that part of my brain that rejoices in the knowledge that the theme of Beethoven’s Ode To Joy is hidden in the music some thirty minutes before it finally emerges.  I am not remotely at Ludwig’s level, but his approach to the DNA of a work is a constant source of wonder.

It is the Bach Magnificat which is the focus of this weekend, however, another one of those masterworks from the master, the composer who most makes me feel inadequate and who most inspires me to do better.  To be able to master what the master has mastered!