The past few days have seen me running up and down the country in Astrid the Astra, and today will see more of the same, followed by a run into another country tomorrow.  In the little time before I set out on my travels once more I am catching up with a few things, getting done the items at the top of the list.

This morning I received an email to notify me that Winding Down has now gone live on YouTube, performed by David Bohn as part of the Daniel Blitz Clavichord Project.  As I have written before, this was a piece that needed to consist of a maximum of 100 notes, and my entry was one of those chosen to be part of the project.

You can hear Winding Down here, and the project’s homepage has many other pieces worthy of a listen as well.  It feels strange that a piece so short should feel like a major event, but David has taken great care over these performances, and has given these pieces significant amounts of care and attention.

If I have a chance today I will also send the near-final version of the Three Songs To Poems By Emily Dickinson to their commissioner.  I need to tinker a little before they go, but only time will tell if I will able to get that done before I trek to London.

I will be in the wilds of nowhere over the coming days, most likely with much to tell but without the wifi capability to tell it, so my likely silence does not mean that I have suddenly disappeared.  By the next time I write I hope to be able to give some news about a new piece for a competition, even if I need to get scribbling on it very soon indeed.