I’m back in the saddle properly this week, and will be spending today in the company of Joe Leader to sort out the various changes we made to the scores prior to recording the first half of his Healing The Heart album.  With a bit of luck I’ll also be heading back to Somerset with a mixed and mastered CD of the six tracks, so maybe that will be an incentive to me to get the music system fixed in the Astra.

Joe has posted a short video clip of our time in the studio, which features yours truly in various states of activity.  Odd how seeing something can immediately bring back the associated memories, the main ones being those of tiredness mixed with exhilaration.

I say at one point that working with Joe has been “revelatory”, and it definitely sounds like hyperbole for the camera, but it is the honest truth, the past months pushing me further in terms of requirements and flexibility than I had previously imagined possible.  The results, at least from what I have heard thus far, more than validate this approach.

After about a month off for good behaviour we are now going to lock ourselves away and go through the whole process again, from the gathering of scattered fragments to the setting of the parts, ready at some unspecified point in the future to go back into the studio and record the second half of the album.  With a bit of luck this will be ready by the end of the year, but for now we shall just take it one session at a time.

With the first half done, I think Joe and I have a much better understanding of how we work and what we can produce, so I am really fascinated to find out what comes of these next sessions.  No doubt the work will be hard, it will be demanding…and it may even end up being revelatory.