As of yesterday at around seven thirty in the evening I am officially on holiday, whatever that means for the freelance worker, and I drove home after the second of two days working with Joe Leader on the latter half of his album.  Something has changed since our studio sessions in May, something to make things more collaborative and easier, to the extent that we finished the entire first draft of a new track yesterday, from scattered fragments sung into a phone to fully orchestrated song in eight hours flat.

As I wrote before, we have set ourselves an ambitious deadline for this work, but after yesterday I am optimistic that we should be able to hit it perhaps even with a little time to spare, although much will depend on how pressured things are from September.  Certainly, with around forty minutes of music already recorded and another five or so written yesterday we should be able to hit album length before too long.

In terms of my own composition I tend to use the summer to do some technical work, and that would seem to be likely to be the case this year, as there are no pressing commissions on the table.  I am expecting confirmation of something new when I get back, but until then it might be a good chance for me to sharpen my intellectual pencils.

Yesterday morning I also sent off the first draft of the opening section of the book, and will no doubt hear back from the publisher in due course, and that also seems to be running nicely to time, despite my having missed the deadline by a day.  For that I shall blame my cancelled flight back from Italy and the associated disruption.

Today is all about getting things done, tying up the loose ends before powering down (a little) for the month.  I need also to use the time to do some thinking about where I shall  be in a couple of years time and how to use the next twelve months or so to get there.