Yesterday was a day for settling in, for finding out how things work in the summer hideaway, and for relaxing after what was a tricky start to the break.  In the end, what with the ladder/window based shenanigans of the previous evening, I was up for around thirty nine hours straight and slept more fully and deeply than I have done for a long, long time.

Today I feel that notes need to go down onto paper, but the question is what to write.  I could always scribble something for me to play on the organ, an option I never explore enough, or maybe attempt something more ambitious, but I think I shall still to my original plan and do some technical work in short bursts instead.

As I like to say, if you do not have a plan you probably do not have a hope, so I really should stick to what I had previously had in mind to do, not scamper around willy nilly with a complete lack of focus.  In any case, whatever sketches I make can always be considered as starting points for future pieces.

I also need to sketch a couple of outlines for new tracks with Joe so that we can work on them when I return to the hubbub of everyday life.  I am hoping that these should not take too long, for although I have been away from this type of music for a long time, it still lies there in the corners of my mind, all those evenings spent behind a drum kit or a bass guitar proving useful several years down the line.

Gently as we go, then, for I am not the kind of writer who disappears to their cabin by the lake in the summer to write, like Mahler, instead drip feeding my composition through the year.  This annual break represents, therefore, neither pause nor reinvigoration, but instead a calibration of sorts, a moment to consider, assess and then move on.