The holiday has had what I would call a stuttering start, for since the joy of our arrival we have spent at least five hours in the local hospital, as a tic bite on the leg of my other half has threatened to turn nasty.  No walking or exploring thus far, merely long waits, trips to the pharmacy, and then tea and sympathy on the sofa.

On one of those waits I did manage to unearth a juicy composition competition that might just suit my current aims.  It would be for a big piece, something that I suspect currently sits beyond my capabilities, but it is only through attempting what you think you cannot do that you begin to understand what you can do.

I have some sketches lying around that would fit exactly this work, also an idea of how the narrative of the piece would work out.  Only the bits in between – the notes, essentially – are missing, those pesky things that regularly seem to give me the most trouble.

That is where the current technical work comes in, of course, and I even did some of that while I was sitting and waiting yesterday morning.  It is hardly fluent, only barely even musical, but it forges extra links between the sight and the symbol and the sound, and all of it goes in eventually.

So that is my current project, something big and ambitious which, even if, as seems likely, unsuccessful in its intended endeavour, could well serve as the springboard to something else further down the line.  Deep down I suspect that may even be this piece’s true calling.