I was out with RetroChic last night and the evening before, rehearsing for a concert this weekend, and I think I have settled into my slot in the band pretty well over the past year.  Everything seems to tick along nicely in rehearsal, and it tends just to be a case of getting the notes back into focus and then moving on from there.

Those two rehearsals were my first tastes of a return to work after my holiday, and before the end of the week I shall be right back into it, a session with Joe plus various bits of playing before the weekend is out.  Handily, I have also resisted the temptation to pad my diary still further over the next fortnight, and this resistance is a habit I need to cultivate.

Today I need to get various bits of admin done and write some new material for tomorrow’s session, enough for us to be able to craft something approaching a complete track.  I have sketches already committed to paper, but it will be a case of putting them into the right order and ensuring that there is some kind of flow to them all.

I also need to start work on a new piece and add material to another, and these are tasks that cannot be delayed if they are to be achieved in the time I would wish.  I love being up against a deadline, am happy to put in the hours, but the more I do now the less pressured I shall be later.

I was reminded on two separate occasions yesterday that I need to keep my holiday point of view in mind over the coming weeks and months, and not simply snap back into my work self.  It will be a case of resisting behaviours that have become a part of me over the past few years, but, as with all the other work, I am prepared to put in the effort to remind myself why it is that I love what I do.