It feels odd to be back in London after so much time away.  During the working year I am here for at least a few days a week, but it has been four whole weeks since my last work and this is the first time I have been back in that period.

I shall take a deep breath before I head out into the air today, prepare myself for the rigours of travelling across the city prior to a full day’s work with Joe.  We shall be writing and arranging some more material as we crack on with the second half of our project.

In preparation for this I spent some time yesterday writing part of a new song, which is something of an oddity for me these days, but the music that Joe and I are working with is all beginning life as songs, complete with lyrics and their own structures, before being recast as instrumental tracks.  Everything on the album will traverse some kind of emotional journey, and as far as there is a theme running through the album it will be of transformation.

Back in the day in my various bands I used to write songs all the time, from those precocious tracks Pete, Jon and I put together in Lothlorien to the two songs I wrote for The Electric Druids (which were my best, I think), since when there was a twenty something year break before my first offering for Joe’s album.  I was never short of music, to be honest, but I ran out of things that I really wanted to express as my life began to settle down and the choppy waters of my youth were left behind.

Still, we all have something we want to say, I imagine, and it turned out that the death of my father at least elicited a song from me (and from my brother too, as it happened, very different from mine).  The sketches I made yesterday are more about journeys and arrivals, about what it took to get where I am now, which is London geographically but somewhere entirely different emotionally, although what it will look like at the end of today’s session is anybody’s guess.