On into the week we go, the first where I might say that normal service has been resumed, but I retain the memory of Saturday night’s RetroChic gig, which was, in band parlance, a cracker.  Funk bands and wedding receptions are clearly a match made in heaven, and you know you are on for a good night when people are up and dancing during the soundcheck!

We wrapped up at half past eleven, despite the vocal protestations of the assembled throng to play “just one more”, but by that stage the throng had danced enthusiastically to two and a half hours of our funk stylings, and, besides, I had to get up to London.  I made it to the burrow just before two, and then spent Sunday with my serious organist head on, playing at Hampstead in the morning and directing at Sussex Gardens in the evening, interspersed with a jaunt to Reading to pick up some board games (presumably with my board gaming head on).

Life has a funny way of catching up when you are not looking, altering things without you noticing, and changing the person you are, and, as I have mentioned in previous posts, I am determined to wrest control of things back from that pesky meddler.  Gigs, services, travel, all the rest of it – yes, it is tiring, yes, it is tough, but it is what I have always wanted, and so much of one’s attitude to life is in the approach and in the reaction.

Other people will know better that I do whether I am really a glass half empty or a glass half full person (actually, normally it just means that I need a top up), but I need to remain positive and chipper about things this year, something that I think will be easier to do by setting firmer boundaries, especially in my fortieth year as a professional musician, of which more anon.  Stress, pressure and burdens are the thing most likely to do for me, so those are the things I need to manage.

As for the writing, the big piece on the horizon is a new setting of the mass, which will exist in two separate versions.  I am going to keep quiet on the specifics because I have had ideas snaffled from under my nose before by people who thought those ideas best suited to their own careers, but it is an ambitious project, even if only time will tell if I am genuinely up to the task of putting my own ideas into practice.