Fewer posts tend to mean busier times, and that has certainly been the case over the past week or so. Two full sessions of writing and arranging with Joe, another RetroChic gig, meetings, rehearsals, playing engagements – we are definitely back in the swing of the year.

Into the midst of all this I need to cram composition and listening and various other things besides, the matters that matter to me personally and professionally as a writer. I am carving out time as and where I can, but with mixed levels of success.

Time does somehow expand to accommodate the work available, though, at least in my case, and I have come to recognise that a lack of urgency in myself about something in particular normally means that I have time to spare. If this sounds like a wobbly justification for my procrastination then so be it, and I promise to think about it some more tomorrow or maybe the day after that.

There are plenty of pleasures in the midst of all this, though, such as Sibelius’s 7th Symphony, still at the top of my listening list, the work with Joe, now in a greatet stage of fluency than before, and whatever playing of games I can grab, so I am able to maintain some kind of balance, which is a relief.

Today, with some free time in London this afternoon, that rarest of things, I plan to begin sketching a new piece, ambitious in its planning, while continuing to work on another, similarly ambitious. There is nothing quite like setting yourself tasks you suspect might just be impossible for finding out what you can actually achieve.