I managed to tuck some writing into yesterday in the middle of various bits of playing, listening and coaching, although I must admit that I think that my timetable at the moment is just too crammed to allow me to finish this particular piece in the time I would like.  I think instead that this one will be a slow burner, something to which I will add from time to time as the ideas become clear rather than trying to force it out before a deadline.

It felt good to get some scribbling done, though, even if the work I am currently doing with Joe also counts as that kind of work and is keeping me extensively occupied.  There is also the new commission to get done by the beginning of December, and I feel that this will take some groundwork in order to make sure that it progresses as I would like.

Anybody who reads these jabberings on a regular basis may already be aware that the next two months are going to be busy ones for me, and that I am actively looking to carve out some more free time from the start of November.  Barring any unforeseen catastrophe, next week my brother and I should complete the sale of what was our father’s house in France, and while it firmly shuts a door on the past it will also allow a few more possibilities for the future.

I have always thought that if you do not have a plan you usually do not have a prayer, so I have been thinking about where to go from here for a while now, also how to realign ever so slightly the mission creep that has set in a touch since the move to Somerset.  There were some other factors involved, as there always are, but I think that those things are now dealt with.

So onwards into today.  I was up early, clearing the decks and getting things done, even squeezing in a short game, and today will be another eight hour session with Joe as we plough on, happily and irrepressibly, through the second half of our album, and then, towards midnight, I shall be home.