If this blog goes quiet it normally means either that I am going through a busy patch that is sapping my energy and desire to keep up with writing these entries, or that I simply  have not done enough compositional work to fuel a post.  More often, and certainly in the past month, the former busyness impacts upon my ability to write, the proverbial double whammy.  Of course, one day when this blog goes quiet it will mean something else entirely, something more final, but hopefully there is some time to go until then.

Over the past month I have been knee deep in lecture season, running a set of sessions of music analysis (including a stint on Sibelius 7, still my current musical squeeze), co-running a module at Central Saint Martins, writing programme notes and so on.  Then there as been the work with Joe, writing and arranging the second half of our album, work which has now entered its final stage before we start to get onto recording once more.

As a result of this and some other batches of work I have been away from home a great deal, sometimes six days a week, which is far more than I would desire, and certainly far more than I ever intended to become the norm.  It has been a little tricky to fit normal life in around the edges, but things are certainly clearing up and should be better from the start of November.

So what about composition?  There are a couple of commissions to be getting on with, and hopefully they will be the spur to get me back into the habit of writing.  If I learned anything about this on my holiday in August it was that it is far easier to write if the coast is clear of other commitments.  For something that should be the most important thing I do, it is all too easily shunted to the bottom of the pile.

The American composer John Adams mentioned once in an interview that the greatest spur to his creative process was a deadline, and I think that the same might just be true for me, not necessarily because of laziness or procrastination, but because it defines a limit by which time the piece must be written.  Expect, therefore, several more entries before the end of the month, the first of the upcoming deadlines.