Yesterday was a working day, up at five and into London, a full day of arranging with Joe, and then back to the wilds of the West, through the door at midnight.  Curiously, I felt fine all day, having thought that I would have been sound asleep, face down in my laptop’s keyboard, by mid-afternoon.

As is so often the case with Joe, I turned up with four chords and a fragmentary melody, yet eight hours later we had turned it into a six and a half minute opus, complete with band, choir and orchestral parts.  There is still at least another full session’s worth of work to be done on it, but it is heartening to know that our work is so productive.

I wonder how my composition would be if I were able to spend similar amounts of time on it uninterrupted, or whether the rigours of dealing with slightly more demanding textures and forms would place limits on what is achievable in a single day.  At least part of that limit, I am sure, would be due to running out of brain power at a certain point.

Still, I hope to spend considerably more time on my writing from the beginning of next year.  My diary until the end of 2018 has ever so slightly got away from me, but I intend to keep firm control of it once New Year’s Eve ticks into New Year’s Day.

Today could also be an interesting day for the whole project with Joe, as certain phone calls are due to be made, certain conversations undertaken.  There is also quite an important meeting coming up in a couple of weeks time, so there is definitely the feeling that something’s gotta give.