Let’s begin with understatement and say that it has been a busy time since I wrote the last entry, and then let’s continue with that theme of understatement and say that the Parliament Choir concert on Wednesday was pretty good.  Now let’s deal with reality – the concert was outstanding and I am shattered!

Thankfully I am at home now after constant shuffling up and down the M3 and A303 for the past week, once and sometimes twice a day.  I drove up to London on the morning of the concert and eventually made it home at half past two in the morning, so yesterday was a day of rest, relaxation, games and fun until rather later than was sensible, and today is more about catching one’s breath at last.

It is also remortgage time, so I had a meeting with my financial advisor this morning, although he is officially a “wealth analyst”, something I find both quirky and amusing when applied to myself, and I discussed with him my aims of attempting to carve out security for the future while living a little more right here and now.  I think we have come to a solution that should work well and, with a bit of luck, tick both those boxes and allow me to step back from too much work and spend more time on the writing.

So, yes, this has been a busy patch, but I found time to send off a piece to a competition yesterday, and will be getting on with some composition work tomorrow for my latest Mass setting.  For today, though, it is a question of replying to emails, catching up on lost threads, and of finding space and time.

Most significantly of all, the day after my return from the Bach tour, almost as if by design, Bach333 was released into the world, a staggering collection of every single surviving note by the great man in some outstanding recordings, and while I am playing that game with myself where I pretend that I cannot really decide whether I should buy it or not, deep down I know that it will be under the tree, from me to me, on Christmas morning.  Will 2019 be the year when I fulfil that long-held plan to listen to nothing but Bach, I wonder?