I felt good about my composing yesterday morning, and not just because it brought with it the first performance of the Kyrie of my Missa In Adventu Domini, but also because, for the first time in a while, I felt that airy rush of what might be called momentum. Head over to the performances page of this blog and you will see that my music has a good few outings over the coming month, and although Advent is usually a good time for somebody who has written several carols, the use of ‘first performance’ here and there is an especially good sign.

The plan for the Missa In Adventu Domini is that a new movement will be unveiled each week in the manner of lighting the four Advent candles, and that eventually the voice parts will shift from the Dorian to the Lydian mode, have an organ part and a Gloria added, and become the Missa In Nativitate Domini, thus expressing the darkness to light journey of Advent becoming Christmas. As I have said to many people recently, and especially after the first performance of the Kyrie yesterday, this definitely seemed like a good idea at the time…

I think that my technique is more or less up to this challenge, though, and it is interesting to be writing new material with an ear for how it will sound in the brighter alternate version. Harmonies have to be selected for their viability and effect in both Masses, while vocal lines need to take into account the transformation that will eventually occur.

What with Gabriel, That Angel Bright, this will be the second piece that I have thrown together in stolen moments over the past month, but I have been reassured by my ability to lean back onto technical skills that have been doggedly acquired. Imagination is an extremely useful thing, without doubt, but it needs to be combined with craft in order to realise its full potential.

That list of performances is active into 2019, which is a good sign, and I am awaiting confirmation of some further dates so that I can add them to the list, including another first performance. I did another significant thing over the weekend, which was to mark out some free time in the new year to devote to my writing, for when the seas are calm and the wind is in the sails it seems like a good time to set out on an adventure.