There is a huge amount of back and forth at this time of the year in terms of travelling, and this week probably marks the worst of it, down to Somerset on Sunday evening, up to London on Monday, back to Somerset on Tuesday…well, you can probably guess the rest.  Uncharacteristically I am giving the mulled wine a wide berth, as I think that the clearer the head the more likely I will be able to survive the season unscathed.

I need that clear head to get my writing done in the spare moments that come my way, and even though I only managed to get a couple of bars of the Missa In Adventu Domini done yesterday, I am still ahead of the curve on this one, and planning to get further ahead over the coming days. The sooner the Advent version is done the more time I will have to make sure that the Christmastide version really sparkles.

Some intriguing work opportunities came my way yesterday, the first offers from a new locale after some time trying to get my foot in the door.  Patience and persistence and all that, so now I need to do the difficult bit, which is turning up on time and getting the job done properly, which will hopefully lead to further chances with the same people.

Today I shall also be in contact with my new editor for the book project on which I am working, and the recording dates for the second set of sessions for Joe are close to being confirmed as well. I have adopted a no-frills policy of dealing as much as possible with emails and texts the moment that they come in, for the way things are shaping up at the moment, as soon as my attention is diverted it will all come crashing down.

All of this, including the two bars of writing, does I think represent part of what is a conscious shift not necessarily towards more but towards better work, also the kind of travail that keeps me closer to home where possible. Four years into the Somerset adventure I think that the single thing I would change is to do less travelling and to be at home more, and if I can begin achieve that even as early as next month then I think I shall see in the New Year well.