It has been quite the ride over the past few days, highs and lows in more or less equal measure.  Wednesday saw the first performance of Gabriel, That Angel Bright in a really wonderful rendition by the Parliament Choir as part of a fantastic concert that also included the second outing for my Christmas Truce arrangement of It Came Upon The Midnight Clear.

The previous day I had spoken for the first time to the editor who has bravely agreed to take me on as a going concern, and I have to say that we got on pretty well.  You might well think that I have to say that we got on pretty well because she reads this blog but the simple truth is that I think it was as good a first encounter as could be imagined and I am really looking forward to working with her.

On Thursday I began to run my batteries down, though, with a four hour arranging session in the morning, followed by back to back carol services and then a run back home in the night.  By Friday morning I had switched off my alarm and was happy to engage with the day as and when I awoke but not before.

Unfortunately the day got off to a bad start as arrangements had been made on my behalf that just did not fit with what I wanted, so it was a case of emails back and forth and much grumbling from other parties as I drew lines in the sand.  Worse was to come in the evening, however, as my phone buzzed four times in quick succession – rarely good news – when a cousin messaged me with some not particularly great news about another cousin.

Said person will be undergoing an operation on Tuesday to remove half a lung and to sort out whether a tumour is benign or not, hardly great news at the best of times but all the more disquieting because this cousin is sixteen years younger than me.  We have exchanged texts and good wishes have been communicated, but, still, this has been a bumpy evening at the end of a tricky day and my plans for composition will have to wait until tomorrow.