What a roller-coaster ride it has been over the past few days. Friday was as terrible as Saturday was joyous (very) and the weekend was rounded off by a superb performance of Messiah at Mary Abbots, which received a standing ovation from a packed church, and rightly so.  The second chunk of the new Mass was performed on Sunday morning to boot, and the carol season continues to whirl about me.

On Saturday evening my better half and I adjourned to our favourite restaurant, tucked away under one of the bridges in Bath, and had our usual wonderful time, chatting with our friends in the staff and enjoying the food as much as we were aghast at the straight-from-the-seventies talk from one of the nearby tables. Clearly the fact that money can buy food but not class still needs to be demonstrated in public.

Despite having felt pretty gloomy about things on Friday, by the end of the weekend I was in ebullient mood as new vistas of work opened up and I juggled various entries in my diary with something approaching skill. It helps also that areas that were possibly getting burdensome have attained a new kind of balance.

With the oncoming week I need to push on with the Mass and the book, although the former now has momentum as more movements get written and the latter has the guiding hand of an editor, and also get my feet under the table of a new employer.  It all appears to be quite exciting.

So it all looks good, if busy, and those worries about my cousin will sit aside until they need to be dealt with. Better to hope for the best and act accordingly than expect the worst, something I need to remember.