The unfamiliar vista of several days at home stretches out before me as I write this, a whole five (yes, five!) days before I have to point the Astra eastwards and head back to London, a golden opportunity to get some writing done and to catch up with work and various other projects. If I have anything at all to do with it this is going to be a much more regular occurrence in 2019, and I hope that it will not take me too long before I am back into the swing of things.

Part of getting that swing right is having some kind of daily routine, so I have been sorting out my early mornings recently, putting myself first before opening up the emails and dealing with the business of the day. This will manifest itself, I hope, in much more regular bloggage than of late, when this writing got pushed too much to the side.

Allied to the thought that maybe people were getting tired of I wrote this, I drove there, I performed that perhaps my drive was not as keen as it should have been. Still, it turns out that apparently people do read this blog, some for more than musical reasons as well, so let’s keep going and see where it leads, and although this is far, far too late, thank you all for following in 2018.

Yesterday evening saw the return of Parliament Choir to action, and I have to say that they sounded impressive right from the get go, to the extent that I found it difficult to believe that they had not perhaps been rehearsing on the sly during the Christmas break. Surely not?! Anyway, we continued our exploration of Elgar, got to grips with some new (for us) Haydn, and I have received notification to go hunting for a text for a new piece, for which the deadline will be the traditional tight one.

I also had that glorious luxury of being able to get some composition done yesterday, in between other bits of work, tidying up the score of the Missa In Adventu Domini, which is going to get a new name, be consolidated into a single score, and then sent out to various people who have already expressed an interest in seeing it. I need to do a little more tidying on this today, as I would like to get it in my outbox by the end of the week.

I also need to prepare a couple of files for Joe as we move into the final stages before the rehearsals for the recording sessions, all very exciting, tidy up the final essay marking of the year, and sort out a few other things as well. At the end of the day doubtless there will be some gaming, and apparently some people read this blog for those musings as well. Carcassonne, since you ask.