There is frost on the cars outside and the sky is blue and clear this morning as I sit here pondering yet another day without a carol service. It takes time to adjust after the Christmas rush in any case, but this year has been a particularly contrasting experience, the overfilled days of the end of last year giving in to the relative calm of this.

There are still things to get done, of course, so I spent some time yesterday doing a little more tinkering on the Missa In Adventu Domini, which I think will shortly become instead the Missa Brevis, something to confuse future historians should my music ever be deemed worthy of digging out. The problem with the former title it that is links the piece to a specific time of year, but the music itself bears no specific reference to Advent, so it makes sense to let the title reflect that the Mass is actually suitable for general use.

I also did a little more hunting for the book, and you might be surprised (or not) at how difficult it is to find documentary evidence of prehistoric music. It has never been something particularly to bother me previously, but I spent the afternoon trawling various sources, including one book about obscure musical instruments that appear in illuminated initials in medieval manuscripts, something I definitely did not expect to be doing when I awoke yesterday morning.

Still, the flood of pre-Christmas emails has slowed to more of a trickle, and at least I now have the time to do these sorts of things, and add in the inessentials, such as sleeping and eating, without feeling that I am constantly on the move. The car now sits still for more than a day at a time, and I swear that it feels neglected, leans towards passers-by for a hug.

More of the same today, I hope, bits of work here and there for other people and a large chunk for myself as well. After all, this is traditionally a quieter time of year for the freelancer, but it will get busy again, and I will be glad to have made hay while the sun is shining, and the frost is on the ground.