It still feels very strange to get up in the morning and know that I do not have to pack my bag and head off to the capital in the evening. Today is only Thursday, meaning that there are still a couple of days before I need to undertake the trek once more, and it feels as though I am in the middle of wide open spaces, as if the Christmas break has generously expanded.

I am using the time more or less wisely, though, undertaking further research and tinkering for the book, getting on with compositional projects, and dealing with other matters that inevitably get pushed to one side when the going gets tough. At a certain hour in the evening everything work-related gets switched off and I settle down with a book or a game or something worthwhile on DVD, just to let the mind relax and remind myself what normal people do.

Compositionally I think that I am pretty much there with the Missa Brevis, getting there with the Missa Festiva and still on the starting blocks for the latest piece, which is so underdone that it still lacks a name. Little and often, adding to the various structures day by day, is the way that I am working on these at the moment, allowing my brain the luxury of being able to meditate upon material, the better to understand how it might all fit together in the end.

Where yesterday was spent at home, today will include a jaunt to Bath, one of my favourite places, although, alas, our eatery of choice will have to wait until the end of the month. The table is booked, though, so it gives us something to look forward to at a place where the eating is always good, the welcome exceptional.

The trip to Bath is also part of the enjoy things while the days are calmer philosphy breezing around the house at the moment, work in the early part of the day, leisure in the latter. After all, in these days when everybody is available somewhere on the internet almost every waking minute, it has become increasingly important to have quiet and calm and unworld time where one can find it.