So there are a couple of pieces on the drawing board at the moment, alongside the recording of the album with Joe and the continuing work on the book. Thankfully this time of year tends to be relatively quiet, although what that actually means is that I am tending to work at home rather than in London.

Still, work or no work, it is good to be at home and to rediscover my own rhythms and habits. At the moment the composition is being squeezed in here and there, but it is getting done.

The Missa Festiva is ticking along nicely, although this does present an interesting technical challenge, taking preexisting vocal parts and adding an organ part underneath. I am needing to think a little creatively, a little around corners, but the piece is coming together slowly and more or less securely.

The second piece on the desk at the moment, but with no notes yet on paper, is the new work for the Parliament Choir. I have put together what I think is a rather radiant text from the pen of Johannes Kepler, and now need to find the single image that will spark off the music, although the words are so rich that this should come fairly easily.

The elements are still falling into place in the new year, but I am feeling fairly well grounded as January moves on. Sometimes I wonder if I will ever get through all these projects, but I have wondered that before and made it this far.