This past week has been a typical one for me in one way – full of work – but strongly atypical in another – settled at home in my office. That crushing feeling of being permanently tired that I had at the end of last year is fading away, and I must say that I am glad that it is.

This week, though, is going to be a busier one, as I will be spending two days in the studio with Joe as we finish his album. The last time we recorded I remember being struck by the feeling that I was born to do this, so I am looking forward to being back in front of the string players and taking direction from the mixing desk.

Joe’s album is likely to be the story of my 2019, for I have no idea where it might lead, and the book is not due out until 2020, but this has been a project long in the creation, so to get to the end of it is going to be simultaneously a relief and a sadness. At the end of this week the recordings go on to be mixed, and after that we shall see what happens.

The book is also going to power on this week, and I am enjoying the research that is going into this, especially the nooks and crannies of musical history that have previously been hidden from my admittedly Eurocentric education. There is literally a whole world of music out there waiting to be discovered, and while Liszt is my current focus for a lecture today, I am continuously finding new areas to explore, new music of interest.

Oh yes, there needs to be some composition as well, a little arranging, some further work on the new Mass (which may or may not now be Festiva) and some serious sketching on the new work for the Parliament Choir. More than enough to be getting on with, then, and possibly a little bit of gaming here and there as a reward to boot.