So back into the studio we go. As of just gone 9 this morning I shall be hidden in the buildings of RAK Studios in north London, emerging blinking and pale into the winter sunshine every now and again before diving back before the microphone once more.

This is the second set of sessions for Joe’s album, a process which began many months ago and which has seen the two of us spend many, many hours together haggling over the tiniest of musical details to get to this stage. It seems hard to believe that by Friday it will be (nearly) done.

While the recording needs to be absolutely right, in many respects this is going to be the most pleasurable part of the process, for the last time we recorded I found myself right in my element, and I hope that I shall feel the same tomorrow and Thursday. When we rehearsed with our players a couple of weeks ago it all seemed to go swimmingly, so here’s hoping for good results.

I have no idea when the finished product will be out, even though we hope to have it mixed very soon, but I will, of course, keep the blog reading world informed of developments here. I have heard the first half of what we have done, and it all sounds impressive thus far.

And then what? Joe and I will need to fix the parts in the light of the changes we will have made in the recording process, and then we shall see where we go from there. A second album, perhaps?