I think that I have just about caught up with things over the weekend, after over twenty four hours in the studio last week with Joe. The recording of the album is now done and dusted, hard and uncompromising work, but done in a great atmosphere and sounding very impressive indeed, and as I write Joe is probably getting ready somewhere for a day’s mixing.

Because I spent so long in RAK last week I was quite behind on other matters when I emerged blinking into the sunlight, but I have been tapping away at the weekend, doing my best at catching up on emails, and will be heading into London later today to get some research done for the book and some lecture classes. Hopefully this will put me into a good enough position to feel confident about the development of these projects over the coming few weeks.

I the middle of it all yesterday I scribbled out a few chords for the new piece for the Parliament Choir, different permutations of the work’s primary harmony that give me ideas of where it could go and what might be possible. As I glance at my list of things to do this piece sits close to the top, complete with slightly unrealistic deadline, so I need to get scribbling as soon as possible.

There are some other musical bits and pieces to be done over the coming weeks as well, a dab of arrangement here, some corrections there, so I should not be far away from my copy of Sibelius this week. Hopefully, in this slightly calmer period of the year, I can get those things done with relative efficiency.

Even going back to a slightly more frenetic schedule last week, away from home for four days, has reminded me just how much I value those weeks where I am chez ukcomposer more than I am away. That remains a goal to aim for as the year goes on.