It has been a while since I blogged, so it seems about time that I got back to firing off my thoughts on a more regular basis. I mentioned a while ago that my absence from the blogosphere tends to mean that I am either very busy or have nothing to write about, and the recent silence has definitely been due to the former.

The book has been the project that has taken up most of my time, but we are really in the endgame as far as this is concerned, and I am excited about how the project is going to turn out. There is still a decent amount of work to do here, a decent amount of polishing, but the basic structure is solid and sound, and satisfying too.

In compositional work, I have been tucking in my writing as and where I can, the two main projects being A Certain Everlasting Polyphony and the Missa Festiva. At the moment these are dancing around various deadlines, this being done here, that being done there according to need, and so far so good.

As I write, the Missa Festiva is around three quarters done, I would say, while the choral score of A Certain Everlasting Polyphony is complete and in the initial stages of orchestration. Both will likely proceed side by side over the next couple of weeks until they are done, but I have to say that I am pleased with the pieces.

I have also been very conscious of late that I have a tendency to push other things aside in favour of work, so I am delineating my time just a little more actively than before, which has been good for my general good humour. Sometimes things like blogging slip by the wayside, but the important thing is that it should feel good to be back, and it does.