Yesterday was one of those busy, busy days, so much so that I managed to pick up lunch only at 9.30 in the evening on the way back West from my work in London. That certainly had not been the intention, but substantial delays on the Central line put a dent in my contingency plans and led to me running from Gloucester Road to High Street Kensington on a very tight time limit, complete with coat and backpack.

Musically, though, the day was deeply satisfying, beginning with a performance of the Missa Seria at St. Mary Abbots and then a session with Joe, converting one of our sax songs into a duet for sax and soloist…in Italian (the soloist, not the sax). After my sprint in the evening I was playing the organ once more, although Bach’s BWV541 awaited me, so it could have been a whole lot worse.

According to the notes in the Mary Abbots service paper in the morning I am a “prolific and increasingly sought after composer” which is good to know, especially as the view from my desk often makes me feel anything but fecund. So “prolific” I will take, “increasingly sought after” too, especially as the week ahead really does look like unfolding as a composer’s week should, with a premiere on Wednesday, a meeting earlier that day about a new commission, the deadline for the Missa Festiva at the weekend and a Latin version of A Certain Everlasting Polyphony to attack as well.

In the coffee house last Thursday I kicked myself immediately (metaphorically, though, so as not to spill my coffee) when I told the barista that I was a musician, because I bin ein Kompinist and I need to get over that feeling that I am not quite what I purport to be. Well, I am a professional composer, so maybe my first resolution of today is to stop referring to myself as a musician and composer and instead call myself a composer and musician, something, if truth be told, I had promised to do many years ago.

When I had students who would bring me their pieces and tell me that they wanted to be composers I would tell them that they were already composing, therefore they were already composers. I really need to take some of my own advice and embrace the thing I have become, which seems to be the rather contented theme of the day around these parts.