Tuesday, 2nd April 2019

04:30 – Up, shower, breakfast, coffee, hugs with the cat.

05:30 – The car is loaded, begin the drive to London.

07:50 – Arrive in London. The morning drive on a weekday adds an extra twenty minutes as the lorries are already on the road in Somerset and people who are too important to wait their turn clog up the junction between the M25 and M3.

08:00 – Subsistence washing is in the machine, I grab an extra thirty minutes of sleep on the sofa.

08:35 – Well, thirty five minutes. Up again, I finish the coffee I made half an hour ago, collect my things for the day and check emails.

09:00 – The tube from Hounslow Central to Cockfosters takes fifteen minutes longer than usual, so I catch up on emails and do a little work on the Missa Festiva. I might also have read the rules to a new board game.

10:45 – Joe picks me up from Cockfosters.

11:00 to 15:00 Joe and I work on corrections to various parts for the album and proof the new duet we have been writing. It looks good.

15:15 – Joe drops me off at High Barnet and I use the tube ride to Kensington High Street to catch up on some more emails and do a little more on the Mass.

16:15 – Arrive at Mary Abbots, time for a very quick cup of tea.

16:30 – Singing lesson with a member of the Parliament Choir to bring them up to speed for the concert.

17:30 – Across town for the Parliament Choir rehearsal at the Guards’ Chapel, High Street Kensington to St. James’s Park.

18:00 – Parliament Choir rehearsal and the first orchestral run of A Certain Everlasting Polyphony, which sounds great. An email earlier in the day informed me that the premiere of this piece has been sponsored by UK Space. I am chuffed to bits, as they say.

20:15 – Tube back to Hounslow after chatting about some small post-rehearsal administrative matters with Simon Over.

21:15 – Get into the burrow and check in with the goings on at home, remove the morning’s washing and replace it with the evening’s washing and then pour myself a glass of wine. Catch up with the urgent emails and confirm a lunch appointment tomorrow to discuss the new commission.

22:00 – With the Grand Prix highlights on in the background I decide to run the game I had swotted up about earlier in the day. I lose the first two runs but win the third.

00:00 – Time for bed…but there is a little red win left over still.

00:30 – Evening washing is done. I remove it from the machine. Wine is finished. Bed.