Today is the first day this week when I really have a chance to sit down and get on with some writing. Monday was another day of arranging with Joe, following hot on the heels of a lecture that morning, while Tuesday was spent catching up with admin, Wednesday in London once more, and yesterday doing that thrilling domestic showstopper of a couple of runs to the tip, although we did spend the evening in the local cinema watching the NT relay of All About Eve.

This being Somerset it was quite the social occasion, none of your hundreds of people sprawled across the vast empty space of a multiplex, more a bunch of keen locals crammed into a sixty-seater looking at a screen not much bigger than the television in a modern dwelling. This is a lovely family-run cinema, though, definitely worth the supporting, and I would far prefer to go there than yet another Vue or Odeon.

I thought that the play was finely performed, especially by Gillian Anderson and Stanley Townsend, and the use of video projections was fascinating, if occasionally heavy-handed. Where I and, I have to say, many others came a cropper in the production, though, was in P J Harvey’s music, very oddly written, strangely out of character for the play and annoyingly intrusive.

I was not the only person afterwards who felt that the music was overdone, a little like those modern Poirot adaptations where there is always something happening in the background, as if the producer is afraid of silence or allowing the audience to think for themselves. Once the incessant soundtrack is noticed it can become a real feat to ignore it again, and I dislike having to do that. Yesterday it got in the way so much that on occasion it rendered the dialogue difficult to hear as well, and that is not great.

Still, it was a fun night out, and today will be spent at home, hopefully without any runs to the tip or other excitements. Instead I have to get a couple of pieces finished over the next days, so need to use this little quiet time to push ahead with those, and after the musical experience of last night I shall take my opportunities today to embrace my inner Cage, just sit and listen to his version of silence, the absence of intended sound.