It has been a morning of admin in the ukcomposer household, for we had made it barely ten metres down the road before we received news that our duties in Yeovil for the day had been cancelled, so back to the house we came, having been out for all of two minutes (the cat was beside himself with joy) and we have settled in to getting things done. The plan this afternoon is to go out into town, do our civic duty in the council elections, and then wait to hear if tomorrow is a Yeovil day or not.

I took the day off from composition yesterday, or at least the physical act of writing, because I have been quite busy with the old scribbling since the start of the year, and the recent rush left me wanting just a little time to breathe. From today until the end of the year the main focus will be the Dunstan cantata, and although I shall doubtless be completing other work on the side it is on this major work that my efforts will focus.

On Saturday I shall head eastwards to meet the good folks who will eventually be singing this piece, also to get a feel for the venue, the layout and various other matters. So far my dealings with those in charge of the arrangements have been light and airy, fun too, so I have a feeling that this will be a very happy process.

There are a couple of other matters that need to be dealt with today, including beginning something that may well be conducive to my composition, even if, for once, it does not involve writing a piece. In this particular matter my hopes are not necessarily on the optimistic side, but we shall see how things go, and at least being involved gives me a chance.

Yesterday afternoon we downed tools and romped through Tim Fowers’ excellent Burgle Bros., a game I received for review a while back via a rather circuitous route, but which eventually came home to roost, and quite the (safe-)cracker it is as well. Granted, it is probably aimed at more experienced gamers, but this was a joyous romp through the three floors of the building, evading the guards, before my other half and I escaped through the roof with the loot. If I get enough done this morning there should be more of those shenanigans to come this afternoon.

Escaping from it all…