Duties in Yeovil have been cancelled once more today, although this time we received the news before we had left the house, even if the early morning rise still took place. Still, it was an opportunity to get things done, so I have spent the morning doing some bits of tinkering here and there.

I spent some of yesterday getting ahead with another submission, one which does not need to be in until the end of the month, but which still needs to be as polished as possible, so intend to get a little work done on it every day until its deadline arrives so that it positively shines by the time it is sent. There is a real temptation here to leave it until later in the month, but I am aware enough that the sooner I get started and the more I do, even if only little and often, the better it will be.

For the rest of today I am going to sketch out some more ideas for the Dunstan cantata and try to get a better fix on the overall form of the piece. Although I know that this will be a five movement work, the various sections will be interspersed with other pieces at its first performance, and I also want to keep an eye on its use beyond next April, so perhaps sections might be extracted and used on their own as well as acting as part of the whole.

Tomorrow, as I have mentioned, will take me across the country to meet the good folk who will be taking on the piece, so I should have a much better idea of the various matters at hand by the time Sunday rolls around. For the rest of the weekend I shall be plying my trade in the capital and then back here for the Bank Holiday, so I am keeping my fingers crossed that the weather will be kind.

Kind it is today, though, so I am tinkering with the possibility of getting at least some of my work done outside. Really, I should have taken the opportunity to do this first thing this morning, but better late than never, and it looks as if it could even be a good afternoon for a hop across the fields later on, all after the work is done, of course.