It is nearly time for the first visit to Anghiari of the year, but prior to that I need to spend the day sorting out of couple of things to do with the book and hopefully getting a little more sketching done on the cantata. Once out in Tuscany things are going to be intense, as they always are over the Maratona weekend.

It is always good to be back there, though, and the weekend choir has improved greatly since these events first started, which must be about a decade or so ago. Our brave souls from the first event have come back, brought others with them, and the rehearsals and concert now signify not only something in and of themselves, but also in a way the parting shot for the Festival at the end of July.

We will be performing a programme very similar to that performed by the Parliament Choir last month, but with some small alterations. The main works of that concert, the Missa Sancti Nicolai and Te Deum by Haydn will be back, my Tu Es Petrus will be making an appearance, and there will be some solo items as well. If you are in Anghiari you should come along, maybe sing as well.

It will be tiring, especially the Saturday, which is intensive and tough work, but it will be rewarding, and I have no doubt that fun will be had and that one or more of the locals may well slip a sneaky limoncello in front of me after the day’s rehearsing is done. Work hard and play hard.

Today, then, is a chance to get things done and sorted out before the weekend, work in the morning and early afternoon, and maybe a little bit of downtime before getting in the car and heading to London. My manuscript notepad will be with me all the way because maybe there just might be a spare few minutes every now and again to get some cantata ideas onto paper.