I am tapping this at Bologna Airport, waiting for my flight for the return journey to London. I have been in Anghiari for the weekend, working at the Maratona Corale, getting the choir up to speed for a performance of Haydn and some chancer called O’Neill.

As it turned out, Tu Es Petrus was pretty feisty in performance, the singers giving their all and possibly just a little bit more in their attempts to knock trapped sounds out of the stones of the church. The Haydn was similarly impressive, even if there might have been more than one tempo going on in the final fugue of the Te Deum at times.

Still, enthusiasm is a good thing, and the local singers are always thrilled at the end of the concert at having achieved something together that at the start of the weekend they might not have thought possible. As if it needed pointing out again, the things music can do never cease to surprise.

Looking ahead, as Petrus fades into the distance, the Missa Festiva comes into focus for a performance this weekend at Mary Abbots as part of the London Festival Of Contemporary Church Music. I shall be at the organ, my first attempt at getting around the notes I have given myself to play.

After that thoughts will turn once more to Anghiari as the Festival comes into view over the horizon. It looks as though Petrus might well get another outing, and if it turns out to be anything like yesterday’s then that definitely will be something to enjoy.