The Anghiari Maratona Corale is a full on kind of thing, from the moment you touch down at the airport on the way out to the moment you get back, and yesterday it was full on for just a little longer than usual, as I went directly from Heathrow to rehearsal with the Parliament Choir and then back to Somerset, getting in just before midnight. The weekend in Anghiari is impegnativo not just because of the work but also because of the happy socialising, and while I was able to evade the clutches of one particular local chap with more success than usual, there is only so much time around all those lovely things to get one’s regular duties done.

Thus it is that this morning I am going to sift through recent emails and do a little catching up with the business of being a composer. Most urgently there is a programme note to write for this weekend’s performance of the Missa Festiva, and a couple of other bits as well, such as double checking the orchestration of Tu Es Petrus in preparation for the Anghiari Festival in July.

Talking of Festivals, this week sees the London Festival Of Contemporary Church Music taking place, and I have some performances as part of this, one of the organ piece Dum Committeret Bellum (available on CD if you hunt hard enough) and one of my lopsided arrangement of This Joyful Eastertide. Both performances are listed on this blog via the link at the top together with the Mabbots Festiva, which also forms part of the Festival.

Although I have not really paid much attention to it, it has been quite a fruitful patch for my music, with something being done nearly every week since the beginning of April. I know that this will not continue for ever, but it is satisfying to have it happen at all, and is a reassuring phenomenon, enough to suggest that there might be some momentum in all those performances.

I wish the various performers all the best in their endeavours, and would also like to thank those who took part over the weekend when we produced a performance of Petrus that really did blow the cobwebs out of the corners of the church. I make it five or six performances now in three different countries – England, France and Italy – and that is not to be sniffed at, a fine run for any piece.