I did a little bit of work on the cantata yesterday, adding some new material here and there, still at the stage of basic sketches, but enough to keep the ball rolling. The more I add the more ideas I have, so for the time being I am not too concerned about progress on this piece so far.

I also tinkered with a couple of moments in the Missa Festiva where it is clear that I had been working with an old version of the Missa Dorica. As the vocal parts on these two works should match exactly I need to do just a little bit of tidying before I can be sure that the scores are correct.

As for the audition with the new band, well, that fell by the wayside yesterday, but there may still be another opportunity further down the year. I instead took advantage of the evening off to do a little cooking, a little gaming and a little watching as well.

Today is one of those driving around days, including a trip to the airport to pick up my stepfather from his latest karting trip to Lido Di Jesolo. I have heard reports that he is coming back with yet another trophy, to the great amusement of my mother, and doubtless several stories to boot.

If I am remotely as active as he is at that kind of age then I think I shall adjudge myself to have done very well indeed, even if my exertions tend to happen more over a piece of paper or in front of a screen than on a kart, in a car or on a vintage racing bike. Still, Elliot Carter was still taking on commissions at over one hundred years old, so as long as the brain stays active and the body keeps up then there seems to be no reason to stop.