Although a fair proportion of yesterday seemed to be spent in the car, back and forthing to the airport and other places, I was still able to squeeze in bits of writing here and there, nothing substantial but better than nothing. Today my forthing has been done and there is more backing to come later, but I am tucked away in my corner of Yeovil and getting ready to attack what needs to be attacked.

There are a couple of applications to go off before the end of the month, and I also need to check the Missae Dorica & Festiva in more depth before I commit them to what will hopefully be the final print. Then there will be more work on the cantata, and maybe a quick bit of research into Christmas carol texts. Yes, really, make carols while the sun shines.

Rather unusually I had some music on in the background as I worked yesterday morning. I have nothing against it as such, but I do find that I tend to listen rather than hear, that I find it impossible to let it happen in the background. Even more tricky is the fact that the better the composer the less I get done.

There are some composers whose music I will actively avoid, others who I will go out of my way to seek out – Bach, Sibelius, Lutoslawski for starters – and yet more whose music I have yet to experience in anything like the depth it deserves. Step forward Jan Dismas Zelenka.

Yesterday morning it was Beethoven, one of the piano trios in a recording I bought many years ago when I had just moved to London. I cannot remember the last time I listened to it, nor can I work out what it was that made me pull it off the shelf yesterday, but I am glad that I did, especially as there are another two discs in that box waiting to have the dust blown off them, even if experiencing them might slow down my work rate just a little.