Another long, fragmented and slightly wayward day yesterday meant that I managed to get many little things done, but nothing substantial. I continued to work on a submission, tracked down a couple of other opportunities that should definitely be worth a shot, and then caught up on emails as best I could.

More of the same today, admin in the morning and hopefully a little bit of writing once that is out of the way. I also have the weekend off to look forward to, part of my New Year resolution to take one Sunday off a month, and cannot remember whether I chose this particular couple of days because of the Bank Holiday or not, but it has played out well.

Typically, I plan to spend the long weekend working, but for myself, using the quiet time from other engagements to plough on ahead with my own concerns so that I have the space to think when things become busy again, as they certainly will. June and July are some of the busiest months of the year, so the accumulated wisdom of the years has taught me to do things now, while I can.

Also there is a little flurry of very tasty competitions around at the moment, and my recent success in the Mayfield affair has whetted my appetite for more of the same. No entry means no shot at success, and as long as one does not take the many defeats personally then the occasional successes are worth the trouble.

Hopefully there will be time for a bit of relaxation over the weekend as well – in fact, I am sure that there will be – for it is the right time to be stomping down to the end of the road and tramping across the hills, especially in the late afternoon as the light begins to melt and the haze takes over. I enjoyed being back in Wimbledon on Monday, but Somerset is definitely where it’s at for the time being, whatever it is.