I made some good progress yesterday afternoon on the cantata, sitting in one of the coffee shops in Bath with the music processing software on and the wifi off. In the end it turned out to be time wisely invested, for a minor deluge of emails at the end of the day signalled the start of the final push on the book.

I was glad to get the time in on Dunstan, though, and not just because it looks as though I shall be pushed to do the same for the next day or so. In fact, what looked like a rather patchy outline of what I am ever more convinced should be the central (or maybe fourth) movement has now taken on the look of something that has its proportions broadly defined.

I also managed to add in some ideas that have turned some very basic and rather uninspired initial motifs into rather more promising material. Things tend to happen this way, I admit, but it still takes a little leap of faith every time until the transformative process begins.

Thankfully I have become better over the years at reminding myself that the initial part of the process is all about getting ideas down, no matter how bad they might appear, and then polishing them later. Oddly, the more simple and straightforward the first thought the better it tends to be in the end, for it maintains that bold and simple quality that then marks it out as something significant.

Despite the list of final details to be done on the book I do want to carve out at least a little time today to work on this piece, because this movement in particular has started to gather momentum, so much so that when the time came to move on I had to stop in the middle of a very productive patch. Fingers crossed that today I will be able to pick up exactly where I left off.