Tuesday was a classic bitsa day, bitsa this and bitsa that, all adding up to a little bit of progress made in multiple areas, but nothing marching along at the fullest of paces. Still, it all cleared the decks a little to make some more space for the Dunstan cantata, which is the first thing to rise to the top whenever more pressing matters have been dealt with.

For a start there was a little bit of tinkering to be done on the book as we continue to hammer out the finer details. The basic groundwork on this has definitely been done, but the smaller things are taking a while to get absolutely right, although I have no doubt that the effort will be well worth it.

Then there was a dab of recasting to be done on Tu Es Petrus, checking the existing parts and adding in some timps for the outdoor performance at the Anghiari Festival. I was initially reluctant to add these, but have been persuaded that a little more incision in such a dry acoustic might be very useful.

Lastly there were a couple of other smaller matters to be dealt with, both local and involving a little bit of thought. In the end I needed the time to sit down and have a good old ponder, but everything fell into place well and with enough clarity to allow me to make a couple of confident decisions.

Given that the day had started with a trip to Yeovil to meet somebody who had emailed on Monday night to say that they might be a little late, and then emailed somebody else twenty minutes later – not us – to cancel because of what I am convinced was an entirely fictional illness, I think that the day turned out pretty well in the end, despite rather than because. Clearly said person had not expected their employer to tell us exactly when and how they had excused themselves, so at least we were aware of the subterfuge, but we and others had therefore made an entirely unnecessary trip. Thankfully today should include nothing more adventurous than a walk up the High Street.