I’ve been a little quiet on the blogosphere over the past few days, but that does not mean that I have not been busy. More work on the cantata alongside some arrangements for a colleague’s concert in a few weeks time, so the notes have certainly been going down onto paper.

I have also returned to an area of work that I have not touched for nearly fifteen years, thanks to a request from another colleague. I would rather not say quite yet what it is, because I am as rusty as can be, but it has been fun over the past week to try to apply some of my knowledge to myself and see if I can fix what has lain long unused. Physician, heal thyself!

I have also had time stolen from me by the shenanigans of a parcel delivery company who were booked to collect on Saturday and then cancelled. Rebooked for Monday they cancelled again, but I was entombed in the depths of the chapel in Parliament, so by the time I emerged blinking into the light and found out I could only rebook the collection for today.

Bizarrely (or, perhaps, utterly predictably – take your pick) a courier turned up yesterday, unsummoned, to take away two parcels. It was the wrong day and twice the correct number of parcels, but I was not prepared to look this gift horse in the mouth, so thrust my offerings into his hands, but I am curious to know if anybody is going to turn up today, and for how many boxes. Maybe I have stumbled into some kind of hellish infinity loop of parcels.

All that technology, all that joined up stuff, is meant to save us time, but spending an hour on live chat rarely gets you any further than you are able to get on your own and, in my experience, the chatters, often through no fault of their own. are as bereft of any useful information as we, the intended recipients, are. Once upon a time all this automation was going to set us free, but it turns out that we work just as much as before, probably more. For all its faults, at least Sibelius still stands as a shining example of something that knocked days off a project when it first appeared, more when one considers that it is no longer strictly necessary to send parcels of scores via courier any more.