I was only up in London for the single day yesterday, travelling up on Sunday night in time to hit the post-Glasto glampers’ return, and found it difficult to get going on Monday morning. I did my usual things of the moment, some work on the book, some sketching on the cantata, and took the Parly Choir rehearsal in the evening, which, portraying the demons in Gerontius, was suitably fiery.

There has been more of the same this morning, dealing with what appears to be my usual beginning of the week admin, added to which is the need to get the wing mirror on my car seen to, a helpful bus (most likely) having taken it off at some point yesterday. Still, needs must and all that, and at least I am not driving something ridiculously exotic.

I popped on some Zelenka this morning to listen to while dealing with emails and book amends, and I find myself drawn ever more to his curious and individual voice, the more so as he fell almost completely between the cracks of time for two hundred years or so. Find yourself on the list of composers admired by JSB and you can give yourself a pat on the back anyway, but Jan Dismas is the real deal, and no mistaking.

He appears to have continued to write despite all manner of discouragement, the second lowliest paid member of the orchestra at Dresden, passed over for promotion time and time again, yet his manuscripts were protected and kept secure, for which read “hidden away”. No portrait and only the shadowiest of information about him as a person makes for an intriguing mystery.

Continuing in the face of adversity is what builds character, though, and examples are everywhere in music history, as well as in general history. On the days when I find it hard to get going I remind myself that every little helps, that each step is important, and the rest is just noise around the signal.