A three day stint in London feels quite extended these days, even if it was pretty much par for the course last year. A couple of baptisms to play for on Saturday, a day at the organ bench and teaching on Sunday, and rehearsals today before heading back to the wilds of Somerset for an interesting week.

I have been working on the cantata over the weekend as well, getting initial ideas down for the last of the five movements. At the moment I am still very much in that first stage of throwing ideas down where and when they appear, so it will take a while yet before the true critical process kicks in. Even so, it is well worth getting as many notes down as possible.

As the process has become more clear it seems that the first thing I am trying to do is to get as much music down for the text as possible. Other moments, such as interludes, introductions, can go in later, and at least I will know where they should lead or what they should follow.

I am about to begin tackling the Anghiari introductions as well, hoping to get these finished by the end of the week so that there is time to deal with any changes that might happen. It also gives me the opportunity to listen to a large amount of new music, which I always enjoy, whether I end up liking the music or not.

There are a few social things to be done during the week as well, and I think that I am coming around more and more to the fact that I am living something like a mosaic lifestyle, where each day is different from the last and I just need to slot in my work in small units where and when I can. In Mitcham things were different, but there is just so much more to do in Somerset, quite the opposite of what I expected.