It was a busy week last week in all sorts of areas, hence the relative lack of bloggage, but things carried on apace, most importantly the Dunstan cantata which continued to gain material and should within the next few days have more or less the entire text covered. This should give me a solid head start when it comes to filling in the other areas around the chorus and soloists, so I am still happy with the way that this is progressing.

Otherwise there were various other things to get done, such as the Anghiari introductions, which are now written but yet to be translated, and a couple of composition submissions, which took more time than expected. I seriously doubt that this last thing will have been worth the time I spent on it, but one never knows, and I keep throwing in the applications, just in case.

We were also out and about for other matters as well, such as an audition on Tuesday, and time in Bath on Thursday with lunch at our very favourite eaterie and a visit to a friend’s exhibition in Frome on the way home. We got a little caught on the way back in the traffic for the NASS Festival, which (briefly) made the front page of the BBC website in the midst of all that clickbait and those hedging quotation marks.

I actually went up to NASS on the Friday night with a friend, not usually my scene, I must admit, but I had an enjoyable time, despite being very definitely the oldest person in our particular venue. The atmosphere was interesting, quite different from rock gigs both in intent and camaraderie – rockers tend to shout out every word at the tops of their voices and nod grudging approval at each other, while the NASSers wave their hands in the air (like they just don’t care), bounce up and down and fist bump total strangers.

I have never been part of that scene – skateboards, BMX bikes, drum and bass – but variety is the spice of life, and you never know when some of those experiences might come in useful. For the weekend, though, it was back to boring old me and church playing, but it was capped off with a romp through Bach’s Prelude & Fugue in a minor, a fine piece with which to end the week.