I did close to no writing yesterday as we were out and about from morn till eve, down the road to Exeter which, as I found out to my frustration, seems to be very poorly served in terms of parking. The weather did not help either, as apparently all the sun seekers come in from the coast and settle in the city on wet days, and yesterday was certainly wet.

Even at half past two the wait to eat in some places was over an hour, but eventually we settled in a decent place and whiled away the afternoon in the shadow of the cathedral. We had an entertaining time in the company of the person we had gone to meet but I was still very glad to get back home.

The next few days have some work scattered around before it falls away more or less entirely for the month of August, at which point I intend to focus much more fully on the cantata. I am happy thus far with the progress I have managed to make on this in stolen moments, but there is more to do and the crucial weeks are still ahead.

If I can get the last fragments of text set however roughly by the close of play tomorrow then I will have managed to sort out sketches for all the choral writing, and that will allow me to forge ahead with a decent amount of confidence in terms of adding detail, harmony and extra sections.

The plan is to have the whole work written to a decent level of detail by the end of August and then to use the following month for the refinement that will lead me to the piano score. Days like yesterday are non-starters in terms of composition, but that just serves to make me more enthusiastic for days like today that have work-shaped gaps in them.