I was up early yesterday morning, intending to get in a decent session of work on the cantata before the world began to interfere, and I largely kept to my resolution. Although I did not quite manage to set every single word in the text, I came up only a sentence short, so I was pleased with my efforts.

Some of the writing is a little on the agricultural side, but the process of refinement and development begins now, at least after I have set the few remaining words, and I am raring to go on the second part of the project. With more than enough material to work with I am hoping that the next few weeks will pass fairly easily.

In the evening I left the house for a rehearsal with RetroChic as we did the final running in of our new bassist before his first gig with us on Saturday evening. It was also the debut for my new two-tier keyboard stand – I have previously used two singles – and I like the change very much indeed.

New bassist, new stand – who knew RetroChic rehearsals could be so exciting?

There are some bands whose rehearsals can be chaotic and fractious affairs, and I remember one group of musicians that I once worked with in particular which included one chap who went out of his way to antagonise another, usually with success. RetroChic, however, work effectively and calmly, and we were already packing up before three hours were done, which is not bad for a set list that contains twenty five or so songs.

The early finish was welcome, for once the keyboards and stands were back in the house I loaded up the car and set out for London, the closure of the A303 and subsequent lack of signage making my journey longer and more stressful than I had expected. I was therefore in bed very late, but once today’s session in London is done I shall head back to the burrow, and then there is only one more day to do in the city before it all calms down for the summer break.