It was a muggy and close day in London yesterday, that mugginess and closeness not helped by having to run around the capital to various appointments. Writing was in short supply thanks to a late start and a rather extensive list of things to get done, but I did manage to do a tiny bit of tinkering on the cantata.

I was home late, but at least this morning I have woken up in the country and with enough clear space ahead of me over the coming days to set to serious work on the detail of the cantata. By the end of today, a couple of days behind schedule, admittedly, I should have all the text set, and I have already filled in various bits of other lines and textures on the journey thus far.

After this weekend the work in London falls away for a little as people head away for their summer breaks, and it is the time of year when Mahler would have taken himself off to his shed to tackle his latest symphony in earnest. I have never had myself down as a shed kind of person, but I am still looking forward to a little calmer time in which to focus more readily on my writing.

It seems a little unseasonal to be thinking of Christmas already if one is not a large shop, but I also intend to get my carol writing done during August while the time is available. Usually this gets left until later in the year, but this time I definitely want to stay ahead of the game.

It will also be restorative to have some kind of personal routine for the next few weeks. While I am the kind of person whose life tends to change professionally on a day to day basis, and by design rather than by accident, I still think that a part of me craves some kind of regular rhythm, even if just to know when in the day to get the writing done.