I was bouncing around musically yesterday, so much so that it was a little difficult to get an accurate fix on what was going on, but it provided a decent backdrop to a good day, as well as the promise of some interesting things to come. The soundtrack to the day was a little on the eclectic side as well.

I have sketched out a rough timetable of work for the cantata, which equates roughly to a week’s work on each of the five movements, so I spent the morning going back to the piece’s opening salvo after some time away from it and adding material as and where needed. A very useful blog post a few days ago from another composer reminded me that transforming material is a very, very useful thing to do, so I have been taking what is already there, running it through various permutations and then moving on from that point, and it has certainly made things easier.

I also chased up a message I received over the weekend about some keyboard playing (the word “keyboard” means that this is non-Classical work) for a support tour, so I also spent half an hour swotting up on the material, soul and blues, and a few texts went back and forth to set up a meeting on Wednesday. This could prove to be interesting, not just because of the opportunities it might present, but also because it could very well force me into a spot where I have to decide what I want from the future.

I also stumbled upon a post online which confirmed that, yes, the new King’s X album is finished, the first one for a decade. I found a great article about the band the other day which expressed the opinion that once their opportunity to become huge had passed they settled on working almost exclusively for the King’s X fan base, and I am grateful for that. Very few bands can be so obscure and still have their concert audience sing along to every single word of every single song, so sometimes success comes in different flavours.

Ooh, and there’s also a new KXM album on the way in September as well, one of whose members is Dug (formerly Doug) of the X, so that should keep me occupied. So yesterday had some hot-in-the-creation Classical, a dab of metal and just a little bit of soul as well. Good stuff.