If you spotted a shadowy figure scurrying around the west of England yesterday it was probably me. I spent the day running hither and thither, busy all the way through, even if I did not manage to do any work on the cantata.

I started the day proper by ferrying myself to nearby Cranmore to return some boxes to a fellow gamer. I had travelled with some games in tow which I had hoped to bestow upon him in return for his generosity, but instead I left with three extra boxes, one as a loan and two as gifts, meaning that the collection grows slightly bigger despite my best intentions.

Thence to Bath and a meeting with a chap who is putting together a band for some gigs towards the end of this year and the beginning of next. I was a little apprehensive about this but our meeting went well and was enjoyable. It looks as though I shall be on board for this playing, and maybe it might lead somewhere else, the way these things can do, but for now the playing will be reward enough in itself.

We dined at our favourite eaterie in Bath, next to a table of friendly and gregarious Americans who were celebrating a birthday. They were a jovial bunch, fun to be around, and it added an extra layer of enjoyment to what in any case was a spectacular meal, as always at this place.

Home late in the evening we decided to go for a walk in the fields, something we did from time to time when we first moved here but have not done for a while. It was good to be out and about as the sun set over the hills towards Wells and the bats indulged in their crepuscular foraging, after which we returned home to play and beat one of the games I had been given in the morning. A decent day all round.

Sunset in the fields.