After the writeathon of Monday I must admit that yesterday was a little more slow, although I can blame at least a part of that on having had to drive around and about for much of the day. Even so, I did manage to get some writing done on the fourth movement of the cantata, and although the end of the project still seems a way off I think that I should have the piano score done by the end of the month.

That should be helped by the fact that I tendered my resignation for one of my appointments yesterday. I am not going to go into the details here, but it is something that has been on my mind over the summer and has come to a point since I returned.

Still, I am getting on for fifty years old and should be in charge of what I do and who I work for, so I feel relief much more than I do regret, especially with the point of view these days that says that time is less about income lost than it is about opportunities gained. With that in mind I think that yesterday was a step forward.

Today I shall continue with the cantata, probably going back to work on all five of the movements, for I really do not want to end up neglecting some of them and letting them fall behind schedule. Some of them need more work, others less, but they can all be done by the deadline if I keep at it.

This evening I also return to another area of my life with a RetroChic rehearsal in preparation for some gigs later in the year. Expect some news soon about yet another band, which, as it happens, looks like it might well tuck in nicely into those spaces left by my recently departed employment. Doors close and other doors open.